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a mysterious dream sends comedic mastermind jerry seinfeld on a quest of self discovery, friendship, romance, and numerous big salads.

um, yeah. i'm 14 years old and dabble in the realm of visual novels/dating sims. i'm also a big seinfeld fan. what happens when you put those two together?

a complete disaster.

honestly, i have absolutely no idea what i'm doing. i just wanted to make something that would get a good laugh out of some people. if you enjoyed this rather brief demo, please leave me a comment! feedback is also greatly appreciated! i know it looks really crappy now but like.. i intend to improve it as time goes on. i don't know. idk if it'll ever get finished.

enough of that yada yada yada. just play it. or better yet, don't!

side note: none of the audio or pictures are my property. i got it all off google/youtube. please don't sue me


JerrysWorld-1.0-all.zip 43 MB


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The best Seinfeld fan game I've ever played.

Hi thebigmoney,

I'm writing a story on the history of Seinfeld-inspired video games for Kotaku UK. Would it be possible to interview you about this game for the article? If so, my email is: groanmonkeygaming@gmail.com



I really got a kick out of this. In fact, it made my day. Seinfeld is my all time favorite show, and I'm a fan of visual novels, so win-win. It's hard to believe that you're so young, given how much potential you have as a developer already. This was well made. I enjoyed the visuals, music, laugh track - it's the next best thing to watching the show itself. If you do decide to complete it, I'll be sure to read the full version.

oh my goodness, thank you so much!! your feedback really means a lot to me, im so glad you enjoyed it! this game wasn't made for people like you :'^))